Dinner Menu



Crispy braised bacon, hearts of romaine, potato mousseline, cheddar crisps, chive créme fraiche, green onion- $13

Salad of pickled beets, apple cake, goat’s cheese vinaigrette, frisée, walknuts- $12

Rockefeller soup, crispy fried oysters, creamed spinach- $15

Seared scallops, puff pastry, mango mousse, chipotle, macadamia nuts- $18

Steamed local mussels with yellow curry, peanuts, and fried vermicelli- $15

Confit of duck leg with Rappie pie, caramelized pearl onions, molasses vinaigrette -$18


Main Course

Cured pork tenderloin, five spice spring roll, plum, pork belly, almond vinaigrette – $30

Marinated wild salmon with crispy polenta, black olive, broccoli-tonnato salad, roasted cauliflower and tomato- $30

Roasted breast of chicken, harissa, chana dumplings, baba ganoush – $30

Grilled beef tenderloin with tartiflette, beef bacon, remoulade – $42

Chef: Jason Nienaber

Sous-chef: Ian Carr